Basis for the Position    


Sutera USA, LLC, based in Greenville S.C., develops innovative in-ground containment systems for solid waste and recyclables; the first step essential for responsible solid waste management in urban environments.  As these innovative systems are conceptually new to most of North America; effective marketing programs are essential to establish the Sutera brand. 


Sutera sales achieved to date have arisen primarily from new construction projects and secondly from the retrofit of existing sites.  Sales cycle times have been in the 12 to 14-month range; a factor that subsequently requires a highly effective, marketing based lead generation capability.


Through continuous R&D Sutera has committed to aggressively develop new innovations providing solutions to key sustainability challenges facing communities and organizations.   It is imperative that there be strong awareness of these efforts that can be facilitated through effective marketing strategies which enable continuous feedback from markets.    


Recruitment of the Marketing Manager will focus on identifying a team member not only who has fundamental marketing skills but who will have demonstrated the temperament, diligence and enthusiasm for business development.    The individual will need to be highly creative, progressive minded and understand how to utilize the latest marketing techniques (targeted marketing, programmatic / behavioural marketing, etc.) and social media to advance and influence Sutera’s growth objectives.



Specific Objectives to be Accomplished by the Marketing Manger

  1. Create widespread awareness of Sutera waste containment practices; clearly define and solidify the Sutera brand.

  2. Establish and continuously refine a marketing strategy to support sales in the generation of qualified prospects within traditional and non-traditional markets.

  3. Aid in shortening the sales cycle time through strategic initiatives.

  4. Develop communication protocols that facilitate the flow of information between Sutera and the market place.




  • Create and implement innovative marketing strategies through constant, rapid experimentation with new generations of marketing techniques.  It is expected that this methodology will become a critical core competency for Sutera.


  • Create in conjunction with sales, a suite of marketing materials supporting sales activities.


  • Convey confidence, credibility and passion for innovation.


  • Work collaboratively across the disciplines of architecture, residential development, construction, city planning and enforcement, property management, waste and recycling services to gain relevant information from which Sutera can formulate the most favorable marketing and sales development strategies in a region by region basis as may be necessary.


  • Confirm relevant market drivers and legislative or by-law requirements impacting the waste and recycling industry as they pertain to semi in-ground waste containment.   Monitor the market for potential competition or adverse factors to the in-ground concept.  


  • Identify product or service features that may be needed in order to facilitate the more rapid acceptance of Sutera.


  • Become the market “eyes and ears’ for management.  


  • Spearhead Sutera’s social media campaigns and structure all advertising as necessary to support sales effort.



Candidate Requirements

  • Minimum of 8 years of related experience in a marketing role.   Formal training in the form of diploma, degree level education.


  • Sutera would like the opportunity to review specific creative portfolios or campaigns (selected by the candidate) to demonstrate aspects that are viewed as being relevant to Sutera’s marketing needs.


  • References will be requested by Sutera before any offer will be made to the candidate.



Reporting Structure


The Manager will report directly to the Vice President.