SuteraScan is an app to find the nearest Sutera dog waste semi-underground units and record "deposits" into these environmentally beneficial units by scanning the QR-code on the unit. Users also may accrue rewards benefits which vary based on the policies of the (typically municipal) owners of the Sutera units.

Any SUTERA system can be uniquely identified by a QR (Quick Response) code affixed to it.

A system user, can scan the QR code with their cell phone (either Apple or Android operating systems) and through the SUTERAScan APP interact with the system to:

• Record deposit of material
• Receive information or subsequent benefits pertaining to the use of the system

A system owner, (municipality, property manager / owner) can in turn use that information to:

• Schedule system service efficiently
• Implement positive reinforcement of user behaviour
• Offer appropriate advertising opportunity or information to the user community

SUTERA will work with owners to create innovative programs using the SUTERAScan APP to facilitate communication between them and the system user community.