Fish Waste
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SUTERA in-ground waste containers are designed by construction engineers to install in less than one day. Installation does not require any mixing of concrete on-site.



The SUTERA unit can be installed almost anywhere on a site. Its unobtrusive appearance allows it to be more conveniently located for users, while still making it accessible to waste haulers. The unit can be installed in wet ground and will not float due to the weight of the precast well (13,040 lbs).

SUTERA semi-underground waste containers are made from a standard precast concrete form and are widely available throughout the United States and Canada for prompt and cost-effective delivery.

SUTERA provides installation throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, we are pleased to provide guidance and CAD or architectural drawings to third-party contractors for excavation and permit submission.


  1. Planning

    • Proximity to road and building: SUTERA units can be installed on tight sites and in hard to reach places. Pick-up is not limited to a straight-on approach as with traditional dumpsters.

    • Allow sufficient distance from fire hydrant and power lines (Waste collection trucks need at least 18 ft of vertical clearance to operate).

    • Locate underground utilities.

  2. Excavation: Minimum 5 feet deep by 8 feet wide

  3. Level bottom of excavation

  4. Crane lowers first half of well

  5. Apply watertight gasket

  6. Crane lowers second half of well

  7. Assemble Lid, Frame and Bag as per instructions

  8. Insert bag into well.

  9. Frame will rest on walls of concrete well


No poured concrete or reinforcing steel is required for backfilling. Our product can be installed in wet ground conditions without additional ballasting and will not float. Always refer to local building codes for all permitting and regulations.