City of Waterloo expands dog waste recycling program

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

(Waterloo, Ont. – Oct. 9, 2018) The City of Waterloo has expanded its dog waste recycling program following a successful pilot run in three local parks.

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In May 2017, city staff installed in-ground dog waste containers at St. Moritz Park (Ward 2), Lakeshore Optimist Park (Ward 3) and the leash-free dog park at Bechtel Park (Ward 5). The goal of the pilot program was to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs and to divert dog waste from the landfill. As of September 2018, the following estimated results have been recorded:

  • 7.84 tonnes of dog waste collected

  • 0.92 metric tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere

  • 0.52 acres fertilized

  • 0.87 cars off the road for a year

  • 18.36 homes powered for a year

  • 345 times a waste collection person did not have to lift a 50lb bag of dog waste

Thanks to these impressive results and the overwhelming demand for more containers, the City of Waterloo is pleased to announce that four more dog waste recycling containers have been installed in the following parks:

  • McCrae Park (Ward 1)

  • Rolling Hills Park (Ward 3)

  • Chesapeake Park (Ward 4)

  • Old Post Park (Ward 6)

Containers for a park in Ward 7 are planned for 2019.

These parks were chosen because of the high volume of dog owners in each area.   

Any type of bag can be used with these containers – they do not have to be compostable. The waste is collected and shipped to a local bio-digester where the waste is separated from the bags and converted into electricity, heat, and nutrient dense fertilizer. 

Every year, City of Waterloo staff empty about 275 garbage cans from parks and trails, filled with up to 80 per cent dog waste. Cans are extremely heavy, making it difficult and sometimes dangerous, for staff to collect this garbage safely. 

Dog waste does not belong in public garbage cans. In areas where the new dog waste recycling container is not available, dog owners are asked to use a compostable bag to pick up waste and dispose of it in their green bin at home, as per Region of Waterloo instructions

When dog owners commit to picking up dog waste and disposing of it properly – either in these new receptacles or at home in the green bin, they will reduce the number of overflowing, smelly garbage cans and increase the overall enjoyment of our parks. 

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