Sutera Dog Waste Containment

Serviced by Vertical Lift

DS-1b Dog Waste - Large Access:
594 liters / 0.78 cu.yds.

The SUTERA Fully In-ground Dog Waste Container is designed to collect and store high volumes of dog waste beneath the

earth’s surface where it is cooler and out of the direct sunlight.
Odors are virtually eliminated, such that the contents can be collected when the container is full, rather than when it begins
to smell. This greatly reduces the number of services required, saving both money and service truck emissions.


This Large Access model is specially designed to receive large quantities at a time which is ideal for vet clinics, kennels and animal shelters.

The dog waste is emptied by a vacuum truck or trailer, so manually lifting heavy bags is a thing of the past. The segregated dog waste can then be taken to a waste to energy facility where it is safely converted into energy.